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We are professional resume writing service providers that design resumes to match your expertise with the requirements of the client. We ensure that your resume is ATS optimised with our layout, design and keywords with exact phrases for high ranking in ATS. If your resume doesn’t meet the requirements of a company’s ATS, your application will likely be rejected before a hiring manager even gets to look at it. Applicant tracking software programs and the job market have changed dramatically in the last five years, and it can help tremendously to work with someone who understands all of these changes.

Leave your worries about making an excellent resume to HRC Global Services. Our experts help you with:

  • Creating a modern and professional resume that suits your industry needs.
  • Writing a cover letter in lines with your resume.
  • Choosing a professionally apt, creative, or modern resume template.
  • Providing you with tips and suggestions to improve your resume.
  • Enhancing your existing resume to draw recruiters attention.

Personal Branding on Linkedin

A strong LinkedIn profile can connect you with potential employers and assist you to advance their careers. Have you taken full advantage of this powerful networking tool? With our comprehensive guide, we present LinkedIn profile tips to strengthen your LinkedIn presence and create an influential profile.
Taking charge of your LinkedIn personal branding is an opportunity to put your passion, dedication and expertise on display to help you land the job or promotion of your dreams.

Our experts help you build and enhance the foundation of your Linkedin by:

  • Conducting a thorough keyword search that suits the kind of job you want
  • Creating a robust LinkedIn profile that will lead people to you
  • Crafting a dazzling summary section that will grab the right professional attention
  • Helping you build your connections via engaging content
  • Developing strategies to connect you with important networks and executive recruiters.
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